miketonge: Kynance twilight.
miketonge: The Karst Colander.
miketonge: Perfumed path.
miketonge: Woodland Golfer!
miketonge: Drawn to the light.
miketonge: Broken ties!
miketonge: Table for 2 at Bamford. (Explored).
miketonge: "A tree torn from its roots dies, a man begins to live"
miketonge: Transition.
miketonge: The emergence of another day.
miketonge: Driving the last spike!
miketonge: "She Sells Sea Shells"
miketonge: Light on the Limestone stage.
miketonge: Kinder-garden.
miketonge: High stile.
miketonge: Beech Crossing.
miketonge: A member of the coastal resistance.
miketonge: Golden Glen Shiel.
miketonge: The misty man.
miketonge: The Ogre's bath time.
miketonge: The shining shell!
miketonge: The Sister's Veil. (Explored).
miketonge: Looking beyond the weeds.
miketonge: Neist Light.
miketonge: Holmepark Textures.
miketonge: Canal-etto.
miketonge: Bamford Win.
miketonge: Natures energy.
miketonge: Bamford Edge.
miketonge: The change from "peak" season.