Vintage Cars & People: Citroën 11 CV Cabriolet
sctatepdx: A gold bangle bracelet
sctatepdx: Posing in front of a curtain backdrop
sctatepdx: A beautiful dress
mattpatmcneil: William and Emma Behling Wedding enhanced and colorized
Bluescruiser1949: Cottage Friends 1970
rob.vndnB: Shack in the hills near Cidra 1938
sccart: Out in the country
sccart: Over Paris
bw-collector: Three smoking German soldier 1916 - Drei rauchende deutsche Soldaten 1916
brooklandsspeedway: An early Jorgensen Eagle
bw-collector: Soldier group of a Saxon infantry regiment - Soldatengruppe eines sächsichen Infanterie-Regiments
vintage ladies: Vicar with bride, groom and bridesmaids
vintage ladies: Signing the register
vintage ladies: Signing the register
vintage ladies: Wedding Ceremony
vintage ladies: Wedding Ceremony
PatricksMercy: Sister of St. Joseph of La Grange, Illinois teaching a student how to Bless himself by making the sign of the cross, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit Amen 1950
PatricksMercy: Sister of St. Joseph of La Grange, Illinois wearing the white nursing habit, is teaching parenting skills to one of her students in 1950
Chicago Rail Head: East bound to Union Station .
✙ Karl Bandow ✙: Lieutenant of Infanterie-Regt. von Wittich (3.Kurhessisches) Nr.83
bw-collector: The Saxon soldier Paul Listner in a group - Der säschsische soldat Paul Listner in der Gruppe
✙ Karl Bandow ✙: Südwest-Afrika Veteran
Sea Lord 50+: Regina Palasthotel Munich (1920s)
brooklandsspeedway: Sheldon Kinser's car was sponsored by The Bottom Half, a pants store
brooklandsspeedway: The Jorgensen Eagle pit
brooklandsspeedway: Sheldon Kinser's King Offy
brooklandsspeedway: How many of these clothing lines have survived the last 40 years.
rob.vndnB: Elderly woman 1910-1930