rob.vndnB: Steel worker in Pittsburgh 1938
rob.vndnB: Mrs. Fanny Parrott 1941
rob.vndnB: Daughter of Sash 1940
rob.vndnB: Man who lives in shack 1940
rob.vndnB: Marie Grouyer 1918
rob.vndnB: Boys in front of Greek coffee shop 1938
rob.vndnB: One of the children of Gus Wright 1941
rob.vndnB: Mother of Mrs. Edgar Jones 1941
rob.vndnB: Child of R. J. Smith1941
rob.vndnB: A beautiful Day
rob.vndnB: Daughter of Mr. Frank Champian 1941
rob.vndnB: Home of tenant purchase client Robert McWhorter 1941
rob.vndnB: Children in Sydney slums 1949
rob.vndnB: Mrs. E. Roper 1894-1901
rob.vndnB: Woman glass plate negative
rob.vndnB: Laura Clark 1941
rob.vndnB: Tenant farmer's child 1941
rob.vndnB: Ambridge Pennsylvania 1938
rob.vndnB: Daughter of one of the families who must move out of the area 1941
rob.vndnB: Child of Roy Lee Smith
rob.vndnB: Daughter of Mrs. D. Saggus 1941
rob.vndnB: Daughter of Mr. Cicero Ward 1941
rob.vndnB: Eliot H. Miller 1941
rob.vndnB: Tenant farm woman 1941
rob.vndnB: New York, New York 1942
rob.vndnB: Spanish muskrat trapper's wife 1941
rob.vndnB: Child of strawberry picker 1935
rob.vndnB: Cleaning turpentine cups 1941
rob.vndnB: Daughter of Ray Halstead eating ice cream 1941
rob.vndnB: Mrs. Free Dead Ox Flat 1939