rob.vndnB: Mrs. Robert McWharter 1941 before/after
rob.vndnB: Mrs. Robert McWharter 1941
rob.vndnB: Annie Richards between 1894-1901
rob.vndnB: Miss Rives between 1905-1909
rob.vndnB: Migrant fruit workers 1940
rob.vndnB: Daughter of migrant fruit worker 1940
rob.vndnB: Chopping cotton ? between 1935-1942
rob.vndnB: Mrs. Leroy Dunn 1941
rob.vndnB: Migrant woman from Arkansas 1939
rob.vndnB: Mrs. Maurice G. Kains 1894
rob.vndnB: We haven't got a bunch of kids to get drug around 1939
rob.vndnB: Children in slum area 1942
rob.vndnB: Children who live on a hill farm 1941
rob.vndnB: Sallie Early 1905 Resize edit
rob.vndnB: Sallie Early 1905
rob.vndnB: Marion Post? between 1935-1942
rob.vndnB: Weslaco Texas 1942
rob.vndnB: Daughter of Mexican field laborer 1937
rob.vndnB: Elanor Aldrich between 1894-1901
rob.vndnB: Man between 1894-1901
rob.vndnB: Lottie Repp between 1894-1901
rob.vndnB: Bean harvester 1942
rob.vndnB: Agnes Barnes between 1894-1901
rob.vndnB: Man & girl (between1935-1942
rob.vndnB: Child with doll (between1935-1942
rob.vndnB: Children (between (1935-1942)
rob.vndnB: Thora Riley between 1894-1901
rob.vndnB: Ray Halstead Dead Ox Flat 1941
rob.vndnB: Tenant farmer 1935-1942 Virginia
rob.vndnB: Some children of a laborer between 1935-1942