rob.vndnB: Wife of a borrower 1941
rob.vndnB: Girl 1935-1942
rob.vndnB: Abraham Lincoln 1860-1894
rob.vndnB: A Trash Art image
rob.vndnB: Mrs. Barber 1905-1906
rob.vndnB: Girl in nightgown 1900-1910
rob.vndnB: MRS JAMES P. MARLEY 1905-1945
rob.vndnB: Mrs. H.H. Doyle 1905-1909
rob.vndnB: A wilderness of rags 1919
rob.vndnB: "Radishes! Penny a bunch!" 1908
rob.vndnB: MISS F.R., ROSS 1905-1945
rob.vndnB: Children of a French family 1941
rob.vndnB: Mrs. K. Hamiton 1905-1906
rob.vndnB: James Donovan 1916
rob.vndnB: Mexican girl 1939
rob.vndnB: Portrait 1935-1942
rob.vndnB: Walter Jones 1844-1860
rob.vndnB: Alexander Graham Bell 1905-1945 Resize edit
rob.vndnB: Never touched me 1905
rob.vndnB: "Syrupping off" days 1940
rob.vndnB: Freddie Reed 1910
rob.vndnB: Station 1935-1942
rob.vndnB: M. Burgess 1905-1906 Resize edit
rob.vndnB: Lighthearted kids 1939 Dorothea Lange
rob.vndnB: Mrs. G.F. Perry 1905-1909
rob.vndnB: A street in Lahore 1908-1919
rob.vndnB: Butcher 1935-1942
rob.vndnB: In the home of a farm laborer's family 1942
rob.vndnB: Hunt Memucan
rob.vndnB: We made good money in the cherries this year 1939