Kevin Povenz: White Breasted Nuthatch.....
David C Mishalof: Eagle Scout Lake, Escondido, CA
billbigfish: Lifer #42 for 21
Gordon Kelsey: 2021-09-23_11-36-41
lokiblacksheep: DBD_0292
flintframer: Resting in Black and White
Poppy1385: Cyprus
Poppy1385: Cyprus
Poppy1385: Cyprus
Nigel Turner: Plesiosaur and Heron, Crystal Palace Park. London
Kathy Duncan Photography: Killdeer in the Mudflats
geemuses: Just hangin' around
Antonio Lorenzo Terres: Avoceta común
hedera.baltica: Black woodpecker
hedera.baltica: House sparrow
kevin.prideaux: ND5_7297 large
kevin.prideaux: ND5_7199 large
Harry Rother: Portrait of a Snowy Egret
craigbell174: Black-browed Albatross...
Cosper Wosper: Juvenile Osprey
moro60: Picchio rosso maggiore (Dendrocopos major)Great spotted woodpecker
ecwillet: wood ducks
Merrillie: Mallard mother duck and ducklings
denmir_photo: paruline noir et blanc / black-and-white warbler
denmir_photo: la belle et la lumière / beauty and the light .
annibaix: envol
michafink: Being fed is also not bad - Gefüttert werden ist auch nicht schlecht