ctberney: Genus Pemphredon (Aphid wasp)
ctberney: Leafcutter Bee with a messy mug
ctberney: Squirrel staring me down
ctberney: In the garden
ctberney: Look what's on the leaf
ctberney: Today the backyard was a skating rink
ctberney: Like having waterfront property
ctberney: We are all diminished by their deaths.....
ctberney: A Root-maggot fly and a green bubble
ctberney: In the garden
ctberney: Taking a break from bad news
ctberney: Even the flowers in your garden may be bugged
ctberney: Did I hear twittering, asks the hawk
ctberney: This green bug is waving to you
ctberney: Go gently into tonight
ctberney: Spider scared of its own shadow?
ctberney: Western Conifer Seed Bug on a Brown-eyed Susan
ctberney: Have you seen this in your garden?
ctberney: Busy spider
ctberney: Cross Orbweaver spider in the garden (Explored)
ctberney: The duck next door
ctberney: Red-banded Leafhopper
ctberney: Gray Catbird
ctberney: Baby it's cold out there
ctberney: Quick, get the camera
ctberney: House Finches
ctberney: Free-for-all at the feeder
ctberney: A colorful winter bird (House Finch)
ctberney: Ad on the Plenty of Birds dating site
ctberney: House Finch