ctberney: While I was bird watching
ctberney: Magnolia Warbler
ctberney: I was surprised to spot this Spotted Cucumber Beetle on the Cosmos
ctberney: Dad is teaching young Cardinal foraging skills
ctberney: Dad is very patient
ctberney: I was losing hope that I would get a decent shot of the warbler
ctberney: Black-and-white Warbler
ctberney: Masked Hunter - nymph
ctberney: What does the Nuthatch have?
ctberney: Look who's out in the open
ctberney: What the Crane Fly was thinking when it saw the Spider
ctberney: Eastern Parson Spider
ctberney: Grass Spider (Explored)
ctberney: Japanese Maple Leafhopper
ctberney: Young Cardinal, four weeks later
ctberney: Japanese Leafhopper
ctberney: No loud noises today to wake up this bee sleeping in my yard
ctberney: Still alive after three weeks
ctberney: Tiny elderberries don't fill the tummy
ctberney: Juvenile Robin in the Elderberry Bush
ctberney: Juvenile robin learning to fend for itself
ctberney: Bumblebee covered with pollen
ctberney: Friendly rabbit
ctberney: Musings of an old butterfly
ctberney: Today my friend and I were discussing possible positive changes post-pandemic
ctberney: Three Western Conifer Seed Bugs in one day
ctberney: Bagworm Moth - larva
ctberney: Bagworm Moth - larva
ctberney: Pine Tree Cricket
ctberney: Like watching paint dry?