Simply Created 4Uin7: The Crooked Tree
ulrichcziollek: Sonnenuntergang am Grand Canyon
gomosh2: Dioon spinulosum (A tree life)
Margret Maria Cordts: rhe sun is rising thru cypress trees
monteregina: Condensation on a window-Condensation sur une fenêtre
Révélateur de beauté: Tête de pierre
Pavel M: Shadows of Summer, Minden, Ontario, January 2021 MK32667
alfrd p: ABG_201224_8
peterkaroblis: Namibia Kalahari
Robert Drozda: We Paused...
Polylepis: Blue Agaves
Pavel M: The Past and its Shadow, Minden, Ontario, January 2021 MK32680
alfrd p: ABG_201224_5
Jon Dev: Beaver-gnawed wood with later cracks
wos---art: 20210116 FundKomposition am VarnkevitzStrand / discovered composition on Varnkevitz beach
peterkaroblis: Lavendel / lavender
matinaluz: 2021.01.10
Mr. Greenjeans: winter mix
o IIIIIII o, Jerry Herrendeen: 2109.02.24 Icy Lady of an Evening Storm - Muskegon (MI) Harbor South Pierhead
NVEM: Crystals
roger_mepsted: Female House Sparrow
monteregina: Constellation in ice - Constellation dans la glace
c.huller: Frosted Window Panes...
alfrd p: ABG_201224_7
d. r. newman: IMG_0590
matinaluz: 2020.12.27 Oxalis
k.luchsinger: icy fangs
peterkaroblis: Fuerteventura - El Jable