marinachi: we are leaving this year...
marinachi: fairy wire
marinachi: white in backlight
marinachi: when I grow up, I want to be a monarch!
marinachi: Toronto, the old and the new...
marinachi: in a row
marinachi: friend of 20 years...
marinachi: acorns and their hats
marinachi: green onions knolled
marinachi: frame of leaves and grass
marinachi: sunset at Toronto harbor
marinachi: magnolia in sepia
marinachi: small member of a plastic junk family I found on my table
marinachi: grape
marinachi: three
marinachi: abstract kiss
marinachi: reflections on black
marinachi: yellows and greens
marinachi: remnants of my grandma necklace
marinachi: spring in pastel
marinachi: mallard
marinachi: pasta by the glass
marinachi: Grenen, Denmark
marinachi: blue crystal glass
marinachi: cactus flower
marinachi: goes together like black and white
marinachi: rocks, Aarhus beach
marinachi: a pair of snails
marinachi: frosty leaves
marinachi: thistle tightly closed