shacker: Inside the old hotel at Sete Cidades, Azores
shacker: Mixed messages from an ancient billboard
shacker: Shorebirds on Brooks Island
shacker: Pelican wingspan at Fiscalini
shacker: Pelicans in flight, just offshore at at Fiscalini Ranch
shacker: Lonely tree, Albany Bulb
shacker: The final fading glory of that Cathedral Peak rainbow
shacker: Ward nibbling a snack, whiling away a brief rainstorm
shacker: Back side of the crest, Cathedral Range
shacker: The leader of Camp Athena, carrying a heavy boulder as he talked to us
shacker: Gentle brook (V)
shacker: Eckhard making bifana, Lisbon neighborhood
shacker: Dragon encounter, on my way out of the creek’s lush valley
shacker: Pristine mountain water
shacker: Ghost tree light painting
shacker: Ghost tree light painting
shacker: Mountain cascade, Yosemite
shacker: Gentle brook (IV)
shacker: Ward’s tent at sunrise
shacker: Cathedral pano in infrared magenta
shacker: Evening kayak, Richmond-San Rafael Bridge in the background
shacker: Cathedral Peak, looking over its lake like a mother looking after her child
shacker: Horizontal at last
shacker: Yosemite wetlands
shacker: Sweet spot - Cathedral Lake reflection
shacker: Arriving at Cathedral Peak
shacker: Corn lily patch
shacker: Tiny cascade in the Cathedral Range
shacker: Mineral patterns in a pond on granite
shacker: Illuminated peak behind our campsite near Cathedral