shacker: Gentle Falls on Terrace Creek
shacker: Stream crossing
shacker: Welcome to the Wilderness
shacker: Lupines across the path
shacker: The earth laughs in flowers -Emerson
shacker: Truck bed with rickety pickets (Version II)
shacker: Launch for Hire hut at Inverness
shacker: Marine layer settling below Black Hill
shacker: Wonder Valley homesteader's shack #18
shacker: Mirror Rock with snowy egret
shacker: Late-stage Joshua tree, returning to soil
shacker: Jalopy tire, unraveling in the desert
shacker: Cholla, as far as the eye can see
shacker: Into the wilderness
shacker: East Bay Bike Party rolling past the house
shacker: Backhoe in our parking spot
shacker: Hydraulic
shacker: Boulder scene, Joshua Tree
shacker: One more from Chickadee Ridge
shacker: Look up
shacker: On the Fence
shacker: Morning fog and Spanish moss
shacker: Mirror Rock
shacker: Looking south from South Jetty, my old favorite surf break
shacker: Sea otter starting a dive, Avila
shacker: Ubiquitous Sail Jellyfish, grounded on the sand spit
shacker: Snowy egret on the mud flats, Los Osos in the distance
shacker: With Temmo at Hillside
shacker: Three stacks and a sea otter
shacker: Mr. Soft Serve truck at Point San Pablo