shacker: Temmo on Ye Olde School Trail
shacker: Abandoned quarry on King Ridge road, Sonoma
shacker: Temmodog on Bishops Peak. Wishing you all a grateful Thanksgiving!
shacker: Jungle engine on the trail to Ho'opi Falls
shacker: Rusted steel door on battery plumbing
shacker: Welcome to San Ardo
shacker: Glove on a post
shacker: Leaf on a hedge
shacker: Hovercraft fan, out of commission
shacker: Creek through orange dirt, Waimea Canyon
shacker: Following Sugimoto - b&w ocean blur (1/2 second)
shacker: Hose reels on the pier
shacker: Day’s end in Paso, getting ready for Sensorio
shacker: Oil tanks and boats
shacker: Apartment buildings at Capitola Beach
shacker: New gravel bike!
shacker: Under the pier at Capitola
shacker: Kelp bundle
shacker: Abandoned quarry
shacker: Beach scene
shacker: Afternoon paddle
shacker: Weathered wood next to Door No. 10
shacker: Train trestle from below
shacker: Yesterday's bouquet (best intentions)
shacker: Driftwood
shacker: Each stick is better than the last
shacker: Into the friscalating dusklight
shacker: Graffitti at Fort Funston
shacker: Lupines and pond
shacker: Chrome sculpture at The Walker