unkleD: Candy cap in moss
unkleD: Holes in peeling bark
unkleD: Amanita sp.
unkleD: Twisted logs
unkleD: Sasquatch left profile
unkleD: Rotten to the core
unkleD: Sasquatch #3, 2021
unkleD: Emerging
unkleD: Amanita muscaria
unkleD: Ramaria botrytis
unkleD: Coral mushroom
unkleD: Cauliflower mushroom
unkleD: Marasmiellus candidus
unkleD: Coral fungus
unkleD: Elfin saddle
unkleD: Coral fungi
unkleD: Guthrie Creek bluff
unkleD: Buffalo Pitts Company, Buffalo NY, USA
unkleD: Polypore
unkleD: Possibly mycena
unkleD: Mushroom love
unkleD: Honey mushroom; Armillaria mellea
unkleD: Illusionist in the redwoods
unkleD: Stereum hirsutum
unkleD: Russula species
unkleD: Herecium erinaceus- lion's mane
unkleD: Gymnopilus junionus
unkleD: Gymnopilus juniosus
unkleD: Clavulnopsis fusiformis
unkleD: Ganoderma Sp.