bilarichfield: Foggy night
markshephard800: Surreal juxtapositions
David JP64: So cool ❄️❄️
-Walt-: Car show - perfect 5
rabidscottsman: Snow Globe Drawn on a Whiteboard
billycalzada: Last Picture of My Day #3806
Border Rovers: KXC 754 L Land Rover Series III
RandyKrauch: Santa Cruz banana slug & Mushrooms (3” long)
readerwalker: Sunset, with shrimp boats on the horizon
Ba®ky: New York from our hotel room
Sugus1958: Midday Sun, Basel/Switzerland
Man_of Steel: My-Cousin-Still-Jammin’ at 64 years young!
BC_CS5: Sunset 333
Border Rovers: Land Rover 90
mswan777: Path up the dunes
SOVA5: This morning / November 30, 2021 at 08:01 AM JST
Rick Lanting: Crisp Point Lighthouse
jadedirishgryphon: Shells and Leaf
JamieMcK2001: Free acorns for the squirrels in the park
RandyKrauch: The Concrete 🌊 Hermosa Beach • 3-D Art by John Pugh
Border Rovers: The Cedar Cafe - Grantshouse.
RandyKrauch: SUPing Redondo Harbor
RandyKrauch: Little Pink Houses • Lifeguard Tower #60
This.Usually.Works: concrete expression
echumachenco: First advent - Erster Advent…