proos209: Blue Bliss.
proos209: The Golden Hour
proos209: Big, Beautiful Banyon.
proos209: Bigger 'n' Better than Fakes.
proos209: Palm Tree Reflections.
proos209: True Blue.
proos209: Me and my shadow on a beautiful fall day.
proos209: Mellow and Yellow.
proos209: Katherine, #6/100 (100 Strangers Project)
proos209: Something's simmering on the stove. merinMG_8202
proos209: Friends indeed.
proos209: Inocencio. #4/100 (100 Stranger Project)
proos209: Sometimes I enjoy walking with my head high above the clouds.
proos209: Sneaker City: Walk the Walk.
proos209: Zenen, 4/100 (100 Stranger Project)
proos209: Midtown Manhattan
proos209: Floating Woman, Long Island City, New York
proos209: Nick, 3/100 (100 Strangers Project)
proos209: Lonely cloud or lofty thoughts?
proos209: Zoey, 2/100 (100 Strangers Project)
proos209: Birds on the Wire.
proos209: ...Watching time roll away.
proos209: Jean, 1/100 (100 Strangers Project)
proos209: Rapunzel, Rapunzel.
proos209: The North Woods section of Central Park has many beautiful secrets to share.
proos209: Enjoying a fluffy blue-sky moment.
proos209: Last-day-of-summer blues. Harlem Meer, New York City.
proos209: Harvest Moon, Sep 20, 2021.
proos209: Out came the sun and dried up all the rain.
proos209: Pillows in the sky.