alanzmarmur: Hidden
nightmareck: Mikołów
klewis4848: Brick Wall, Alley at Twilight, Shadow Stripes
tommie.pieters: Four creatures7393
alanzmarmur: House of Fallen Tree
alanzmarmur: The Screaming Branch
alanzmarmur: Onion Still-Life
alanzmarmur: Still Life Spiral
alanzmarmur: Garden
Camera Obscura 1975: From the series: "In or Near the House at Spectacle Pond"
Elisa1880: Amsterdam
alanzmarmur: The New Fashion Trend
alanzmarmur: Rock of Shadows
risi_monica: Castelvecchio
risi_monica: Castelvecchio
jHc__johart: IMG_2500
jHc__johart: Shadow Parking
alja|ja * here and everywhere: Will You Cross That Bridge?
PhotonArchive: Leaf Shadows on Ancient Arbutus trees
bkkay1: Light & shadows.
jHc__johart: Shadowed
jHc__johart: Zig-Zag
alanzmarmur: Porch in Snow Grid Impressionism
bkkay1: Striped shadows.
xup6fup4u6: P_20191110_154455
nightmareck: Poznań
jHc__johart: Sculpture Shadow
alanzmarmur: Red and Green