ricko: 31 Days
ricko: Glassybabys
ricko: While Charlie Brown is Trapped Underwater in a Container of Soaking Leeks, Lucy Looks on Helplessly
ricko: Showering With Homer
ricko: Famous Finger People
ricko: Route 66 Mural
ricko: The Way He is Acting is Making Me Miserable
ricko: Man Wih Two Fish
ricko: Wanted
ricko: Grilled Stuff
ricko: The Pencil with Three Hair Rollers and Hard Salami (a still life)
ricko: Three Women and a Red Convertible
ricko: Thinking About Andy
ricko: Headless Window Shopping
ricko: Upside Down Self-Portrait With Frida Kahlo
ricko: The Mysterious Ascension of Five Antique Bottles
ricko: Untitled
ricko: The Gyrations of Elvis
ricko: Post Leaf Removal at Neil's House
ricko: Cat Down!
ricko: Self-Portrait at the Jalapeño Pepper Section in Price Chopper
ricko: Peanut With Oak Leaf
ricko: Picture Taking at the South Rim
ricko: Donald and Mickey
ricko: Fish Mouth
ricko: Memories of Consumed Bottles
ricko: An Invasion of Clowns
ricko: How Kind It Was of Someone in the Neighborhood to Leave on My Front Porch a Plate of Pickles and an Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie
ricko: Traffic Cone With Matching Shoes
ricko: Burnt Toast