kirstiecat: Funny and Discerning
kirstiecat: Strong
kirstiecat: Your Best Self
kirstiecat: I hope your afterlife is filled with feminsm.
kirstiecat: I Miss Mermaids
kirstiecat: I Miss New Orleans
kirstiecat: I Miss Paris
kirstiecat: I miss Toronto.
kirstiecat: The Peculiar Experience of Time and Waiting
kirstiecat: Conscious
kirstiecat: Octavio's Autumn Day
kirstiecat: The Increased Intensity of Everyday Existence
kirstiecat: The Good News and the Bad News
kirstiecat: I miss parades
kirstiecat: You Deserve to be Happy
kirstiecat: The Exchange of an Open Outcry
kirstiecat: Kamasi Washington
kirstiecat: Today I Pray for People to Vote
kirstiecat: I Hope Your Afterlife is in Wakanda
kirstiecat: Dynasty
kirstiecat: Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
kirstiecat: Dance Like There's No Cops in Schools
kirstiecat: Free Feels Really Good
kirstiecat: Life Before Covid
kirstiecat: Silence IS Violence
kirstiecat: Racism is a Public Health Crisis
kirstiecat: Chicago Cats
kirstiecat: Protective
kirstiecat: The Struggle is Real