ro_ha_becker: cemetery
ro_ha_becker: sky abstract
ro_ha_becker: J'attendrai...
ro_ha_becker: autumn in the park
ro_ha_becker: long shadows
ro_ha_becker: they are getting slowly out of focus
ro_ha_becker: line up for appeal
ro_ha_becker: November 2019 - contrejour
ro_ha_becker: the eye
ro_ha_becker: the green bench
ro_ha_becker: autumn
ro_ha_becker: Leica Park under construction
ro_ha_becker: ARMANI SUIT
ro_ha_becker: Harlesiel beach
ro_ha_becker: it's autumn again
ro_ha_becker: Herbstmorgen
ro_ha_becker: October 27, 2019
ro_ha_becker: last sunrays of the day
ro_ha_becker: Leuchtturm Mellumplate
ro_ha_becker: alone on the beach
ro_ha_becker: time for a little sundowner
ro_ha_becker: autumn
ro_ha_becker: at the lake 2
ro_ha_becker: at the lake
ro_ha_becker: sunset Harlesiel
ro_ha_becker: the unvisible leach
ro_ha_becker: October 2019