Maria Rizzi Grandi 985: Old Style Signs in Stockholm - N4
ed.50: the 2AM Club
Eating In Translation: Argyle Fish & Chips, surviving signage, Kearny, New Jersey
Eating In Translation: North Newark Pet Shop, surviving signage, Silver Fish Land, Newark, New Jersey
skipmoore: Scenic Drive
Moller's Magic Photo's: Just for laughs
edk7: The George, 1864, Crossharbour, Cubitt Town, Docklands, London E14
edk7: Diana sighting, Brighton, England
Richard Melton: Good For Life
fotophotow: Pizza
Martin Tidbury: Leave Nothing But Your Footprints
edk7: On the way to ancient tombs on Via Appia Antica - Largo dei Colli Albani, Rome.
fotophotow: Glassman's
shacker: Al’s Barber Shop
DjD-567: Dixville Notch State Park
Ken-Zan: Vinberg
DjD-567: Make homelessness on federal land great again?
fotophotow: The year 5688
Alan C of Marion,IN: FL, Gulfport-Caldwell Realtor Neon Sign
insideminded: Yank’s BBQ - Summer 2019
John of Witney: Stating the Obvious
John of Witney: A Higher Class of Cigarette?
John of Witney: Swedish Cobblers
big_jeff_leo: English Pub Sign - The Farmers Boy - Buckinghamshire
Paul Comstock: trailhead
Robby Virus: Enterprise Office Supply, Enterprise, AL
Robby Virus: Optical Boutique, Enterprise, AL
Robby Virus: Big Daddy's Bar-B-Que, Enterprise, AL
Dradny: Way Out, Kirkby Station, 2014.