JFGryphon: "Look at the Little People !"
JFGryphon: Off to California, 1835
JFGryphon: Play Picture Rocks with us ...
JFGryphon: Mayflower, Nov 9th 1620
JFGryphon: Edison’s Bronx film studio -- about 1914
JFGryphon: Talking with Santa
JFGryphon: Santa stopped by, it's his pre-Christmas slow season
JFGryphon: Gabby Hayes -- 1949
JFGryphon: 1937 Buick & Snoopy's Dog House
JFGryphon: Not feeling Tropical
JFGryphon: Kid in a Bubble
JFGryphon: "Come & Get it!" -- 1930s
JFGryphon: Five of us -- Fun with Mirrors
JFGryphon: Dolly "singing" -- 1925
JFGryphon: Honda Motorcycle
JFGryphon: Affordable Housing -- about 1880
JFGryphon: Making a Gigantic Bubble
JFGryphon: Quonset Huts in the Bronx -- about 1947
JFGryphon: Lt. Tom Selfridge and Glenn Curtiss
JFGryphon: Parking Lot, Seneca Mills Falls
JFGryphon: A Sperm Whale Clashing with a Giant Squid
JFGryphon: New York Naval Cadets
JFGryphon: "The Nature of Color"
JFGryphon: Granddaughters looking for Trexy
JFGryphon: "Electricity the Modern Servant" -- 1916
JFGryphon: "I'm a Future Voter!"
JFGryphon: Aerial Experiment Association, about 1910
JFGryphon: Chrysler Sales & Service -- 1927
JFGryphon: Halloween 2020
JFGryphon: Annie Oakley by Andy Warhol