JFGryphon: GE's Carousel of Progress, showing 1920s
JFGryphon: Bright Look Hospital, St. Johnsbury, Vermont -- about 1939
JFGryphon: Watermelons and Caskets -- 1936
JFGryphon: One Week Ago
JFGryphon: Exploding 1939 World's Fair Book
JFGryphon: Opening a Geocache “Treasure”
JFGryphon: Exploring and Geocaching
JFGryphon: Bill's Gay 90s Cafe -- about 1935
JFGryphon: Officer on Phone — Restless Horse
JFGryphon: Wolf Man -- about 1935
JFGryphon: Feeding Trout in Lake Mohonk
JFGryphon: Rocking Chair Testing Committee
JFGryphon: The Magic Mirror
JFGryphon: Mohonk Mountain House
JFGryphon: Katherine Turns Five
JFGryphon: Lake Mohonk -- 1910
JFGryphon: Henry Adams, American Historian, 1838 - 1918
JFGryphon: Texas Man Named Head of Shriners -- 1948
JFGryphon: At Bailey Arboretum ...
JFGryphon: Bottle Mold
JFGryphon: Heinz Pier, Atlantic City, New Jersey -- about 1905
JFGryphon: Grandnephew Finny Presenting
JFGryphon: Flamingo, Saratoga Springs, New York
JFGryphon: Rainy Day
JFGryphon: Gift Shop
JFGryphon: Radioactive Bowl
JFGryphon: Springtime for George
JFGryphon: Vote for a Tanner & a Shoemaker
JFGryphon: Irene in Ulysses Grant's chair
JFGryphon: Friends for almost 70 Years