sniggie: Crane over Kentucky
sniggie: Old Domnick Distillery
sniggie: A burrow for just me
sniggie: Blowout at the curve
sniggie: Clouds over Kentucky
sniggie: Crane on a Kentucky cornfield
sniggie: Cranes over Kentucky
sniggie: Harpers Ferry: John Brown wanted to supply American slaves with Army guns
sniggie: Civil War: The remains of the Union's Fort Craig
sniggie: A tisket, a tasket
sniggie: Upside down and downside up
sniggie: Lemur reaper
sniggie: Crossing through at the speed of light
sniggie: I am a captive of symmetry
sniggie: There is a pre-USB and post-USB world
sniggie: Rather regal bald eagle
sniggie: Lone road leads to the quiet Abbey of Gethsemeni, a Trappist monastery in Kentucky
sniggie: Presidents Washington, Lincoln and Grant
sniggie: Abe Lincoln
sniggie: Grace and balance of Diana hunting
sniggie: I know you cannot see me but I still feel watched
sniggie: Experience the Smokies
sniggie: Hey there, the operation was a success
sniggie: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
sniggie: Gate to Churchill Downs (Explored Feb 16, '20)
sniggie: I need a pause in the speed dial
sniggie: The night the Senate voted for no witnesses
sniggie: Dilophosaurus
sniggie: A drum major for justice, peace, and righteousness
sniggie: Vroom vroom