Napalm-4: Morning Light
Alle_Moris: Delicated.
JcP_LookinG: Vieux couple ariégeois.
GOLDFOCUS: Death is the permanent cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism.
Rob Blok / BLOK PHOTO: Five-BP30858bw
BenoitGEETS-Photography: The large windows
Harald Philipp: V. Nabokov (Adox Silvermax)
Harald Philipp: Pinhole Montreaux (Washi V)
drugodragodiego: Dia de los muertos #3
Armin Fuchs: architect's fantasies
Quistian: Air Canada B747
IAmTomJones: St Pauls Reflection Black White
IanAWood: PBWA Chorleywood
rick miller foto: Bill Lishman's Iceberg
mr_m_tom: I'm no weatherman but that could be the sun!
iSmiff: P1140070
deryls: Knut, Mariaberget, Stockholm 1973
Jean-Paul Margnac: Paris' Subway. Tribute to Fritz Lang. Metropolis Two.
JcP_LookinG: Contrejour déserté. Mont Saint-Michel. (Thanks for 3Mio views): Irish Rob | The Exploited
BRIGHTSTARFIRE: Ready to Shelter
Steve.T.: Pipers piping.
Roddy McIntosh: Untitled-50
Terry Happy Snaps: Helen in Studio