easton.marcus: street guy trying to earn...
easton.marcus: princes gates
easton.marcus: movie art decor
easton.marcus: tincture and tonic herbal clinic and apothecary
easton.marcus: a barber shop
easton.marcus: subway sax...
easton.marcus: am coffee studio
easton.marcus: dundas west @ roncesvalles
easton.marcus: collective arts brewing
easton.marcus: a wave breaker floating in the murky water of hamilton harbour...
easton.marcus: iced tree @ night
easton.marcus: karaoke or empty orchestra?!?... translated from japanese: kara =empty oke=orchestra...
easton.marcus: skating rink @ pier 8
easton.marcus: cirque du soleil poster
easton.marcus: dolphin below the sprit
easton.marcus: artists @ dundas & mccaul
easton.marcus: sample wall
easton.marcus: collective arts brewery wall art
easton.marcus: miss kim simpson tour boat
easton.marcus: the design exchange fund raiser
easton.marcus: inukshuk
easton.marcus: minh-ly
easton.marcus: wall art in snow covered alley as the snow falls...
easton.marcus: statue and the hamilton harbour queen...
easton.marcus: bloordale wall art in the snowstorm...
easton.marcus: the gps is wrong.... turn left!!!
easton.marcus: meakins memorial
easton.marcus: cn tower
easton.marcus: collective arts brewing...