leo.roos: Steel and glass colliding
Under The Dust: Usine Justice-0027
godran25: Haut fourneau de Belval
godran25: Haut fourneau de Belval
conspectus_bs: ray of light II
J.Weyerhäuser: Macro Mondays - A Pair - Nut & Screw
TinHunter: Dresden - Dakar - Banjul 2015
Edouard de Castro: rte5_A13341_3x2
Raphael Drake: Volkswagen Passat B1 et Renault 6 - P (38)
leo.roos: Through the Looking-Glass
conspectus_bs: neon lamps
L'empreinte du temps: Herbivore...
Ampersand72: Rust Bucket_HDR
leo.roos: Reflection
stefelix: nothing
conspectus_bs: ancient machinery I
Jürgen Kornstaedt: Dumpster series
leo.roos: 18th century fishing village
mrgraphic2: Colorful "horn cleat"
conspectus_bs: pipelines VIII
Filamon44: White flag for a beacon - Drapeau blanc pour une balise
Helena Normark: Decaying Brewery truck
Jonnie Lynn Lace: Seashell State Hospital
Jonnie Lynn Lace: Villa Trattore
fotophotow: Rusty Fence and Gate