conspectus_bs: ancient machinery XI
conspectus_bs: the green carpet II
conspectus_bs: coking plant V
conspectus_bs: control room V
conspectus_bs: laboratory with chairs
conspectus_bs: weaving mill IV
conspectus_bs: skeleton VI
conspectus_bs: orderly IV
conspectus_bs: danger of collapse XI
conspectus_bs: burn the stage I
conspectus_bs: in chains
conspectus_bs: coking plant V
conspectus_bs: pipelines VIII
conspectus_bs: covered
conspectus_bs: blast furnace HFB backside
conspectus_bs: grindery II
conspectus_bs: Wartburg
conspectus_bs: cellulose works
conspectus_bs: stairs VII
conspectus_bs: snowpiercer
conspectus_bs: outer space II
conspectus_bs: conspectus at work
conspectus_bs: empty spaces
conspectus_bs: Charleroi - metal city
conspectus_bs: machinery II
conspectus_bs: roller III
conspectus_bs: roller II
conspectus_bs: brain tower
conspectus_bs: the small lathe