George Plakides: St Paul's
desimage: Chernobyl: Radio Active Exclusion Zone, Ukraine
Jeremie44: Italia, Roma, the forum
Franfly Tell (ON-OFF): Rome, moonrise, 5th of January a.d. 20015
*Tom68*: Portobello Beach
Andres Shin: S18_9366h07
theonlyspidermel: black rhino
George Plakides: Hanging Out With The Brothers
Nikolaos Gavrilakis: Sunset in Athens #5
Dimitil: Parga at blue hour panorama
josef...: crossroads in smoke
Massimo Greco *: Gruccione (Merops apiaster)
VladimirTro: Evening sea
Selectivebits: Path is unclear, but there is light
marko.erman: Here comes the sun
somabiswas: The lovely city of Montreal
darkadi1: Regional Museum in Kozienice / Muzeum Regionalne w Kozienicach
Luna y Valencia: La noche de Bedonia
peguiparis -10- million visits: DSC03070 - Lýðveldið Ísland - ICELAND - ISLANDE - EISLAND
Darren-: My View
cofarrell25: Meath in the autumn.
Thor Edvardsen: Lighthouse and Svinesund bridges
Lцdо\/іс: Bruxelles_2015-12-21_25
Luna y Valencia: Tra il mare e le Apuane
arnaudchatelet: Les méandres du Doubs. Frontière Franco-Suisse
A.Reef (slow): The Lucky One
*Tom68*: Durchblick
Lцdо\/іс: Banteay Kdei buddha