carrchef: Cherries
carrchef: Hey man I’m trying to eat here.
carrchef: The bridges of London
carrchef: Horse in silhouette
carrchef: Sunset on the lake.
carrchef: Broken Arch.
carrchef: A raven at Delicate Arch.
carrchef: Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge at dawn
carrchef: Tulip on trial.
carrchef: Honey Fungus Black Cap mountain
carrchef: Old South Meeting House
carrchef: Barcelona after sunset from the ship.
carrchef: Noir Longchamp
carrchef: The snail has found a new home.
carrchef: Brown bear eating apples. Arefu Romania.
carrchef: Seagull flying in the sunlight with Mt. Edna in the background and if you look closely there is also a battleship.
carrchef: Reflecting library on the lake.
carrchef: Crown of thorns after the rain.
carrchef: Sailboat at sunset
carrchef: Nubble Lighthouse Cape Neddick Maine.
carrchef: Girl in a window.
carrchef: Reflections on the flood water.
carrchef: Reflecting Goose
carrchef: Daisybush
carrchef: Bubbles in black and white. Placa Nova Barcelona.
carrchef: Crossing the duck pond.
carrchef: Rose of Sharon. Hibiscus
carrchef: Cathedrale di San Lorenzo
carrchef: Noir Boston
carrchef: Reflection in the stream.