maggiolonegiallo: People 177
Robert C. Abraham: Halifax Junior Bengal Lancers
HORIA STANICEL: my best picture ever /225
Sun Foto: Friends
leo.roos: The Mask
mickyh2011: TDK D-C60 Tape 001
danniepolley: There can be death but the spirit never dies, 1991-97, Mmakgabo Mmapula Helen Sebidi, b. 1943, Mararpyane, South Africa
danniepolley: Past/Future, 2015, Adejoke Tugbiyele, b. 1977, Brooklyn, New York
danniepolley: Sketch for Church Ede, 1985, Sokari Douglas Camp, b. 1958, Buguma, Nigeria
danniepolley: Works in Dakar, Ensemble with jewelry, 2018, Oumou Sy, b. 1952, Podor, Senegal
danniepolley: Bracelet (balmarque de Lamine Gueye) Mid 20th century, Tukulor artist, Dakar Senegal
danniepolley: Studio Setting, 1986, Penny Siopis, b. 1953, Vryburg, South Africa
danniepolley: Sto Sognando? La Citta e questa? (An I dreaming? Is this the city?), 1958, Bertina Lopes, 1924-1986, Maputo, Mozambique,
maggiolonegiallo: People 174
Ba®ky: When smoke gets in your eyes waves to the finish line
dannyhennesy: Graffiti skate-park and tagged sofa in a pit lying around in urban dystopia
pick a bone: Sketch
HORIA STANICEL: my best picture ever /223
dannyhennesy: Flask within a jar suspended by fluid liquid and growing mineral thingies IMG_6694
A Yen for Phantoms: Fruit in a Civil War Suit
patrick.verstappen: Feel free let everything go
Ba®ky: Shades
Etching Stone: Birds at the food can
tomsen72: Lake Flowers of Dawn ভোরের ফুল Dew World শিশিরের জগৎ
maggiolonegiallo: People 166