Junior AmoJr: Olhar ímpar
ER's Eyes.: The White Lagoon (Laguna Blanca) at 4,350 meters (14,270 ft), Bolivian Highlands (Altiplano Boliviano), Sur Lípez, Potosí, Bolivia.
Yasiren: eBento πŸ’• IDEALIA & glutz & Leven Ink Tattoo & DS'ELLES & Meva & [BB] Belzebubble πŸ’•
Dusan Baksa: Happy weekend πŸ™ŒLantana camara πŸ’›πŸ’š
r-h-b pictures: Thinking - A Dog Portrait
Frech Hinterland: Tabea (1) 4 of 7
Frech Hinterland: Tabea (1) 6 of 7
Anabigail: Purple Night
Fotini Baily (Blogger-Photographer): Bloody Dream...β™₯
marylene.lgk: Douce complicité
marylene.lgk: Rose, parme, vert - Les pavots des jardins de Giverny
Atreides59: Photovoltaïque
india_snaps: the autumnal oeuvre! Battersea Park walk
Peter Goll thx for +13.000.000 views: Wedding - Happy - 0361
galterrashulc: Road in the forest
AnaExoticBeauty: Ana(ExxxoticBeauty)Teeny White Mini Teardrop Micro G-String Bikini: Playfull Tease
Ricardo Pallejá: La vida es un camino sinuoso.
WS Foto: Streets of Cordoba
Patrick of Ireland: Roar of Africa
Judith B. Gandy (on and off, off and on): Together! Tiny checkerspot (Microtia dymas) butterflies, mating, Montosa Canyon, Tucson area, Aug 2017
Judith B. Gandy (on and off, off and on): After a meal - Two-tone moth (Lirimiris truncata) caterpillar, Montosa Canyon, Tucson area, Aug 2017
Chrissie2003: Have a Sunny Day
Chrissie2003: White Daisy and Drops
Heiner Engbrocks: Beauty of decay
andaradagio: tre segretarie in azione