B℮n: The bedroom of casa di Graziella
B℮n: Narrow streets and steep hills on Procida
B℮n: Kanitha surrounded by Mediterranean pastel colours
B℮n: The majestic dome of Madonna delle Grazie has dominated between sky and sea
B℮n: The Port of Corricella reflects typical Mediterranean pastel colours
B℮n: The local active Maria church blended in the water front area of Procida
B℮n: First steps on the island Procida
B℮n: Arriving by ferry in Procida
B℮n: Kanitha at Capo Miseno before Corona outbreak
B℮n: Capo Miseno looking over the mussel beds in the approaches to Porto Miseno
B℮n: My best of Helgoland
B℮n: Leaving Helgoland just in time
B℮n: Helgoland is a small archipelago in the North Sea
B℮n: Spread your wings before the night falls
B℮n: A perfect day ends with a perfect sunset
B℮n: Northern Gannet enjoying sunset view on Lange Anna
B℮n: When the sun goes down in Helgoland
B℮n: As closest as possible
B℮n: Sunset dancing
B℮n: Northern Gannets preparing for a great night's sleep at Lange Anna
B℮n: Northern Gannet with its wings spread standing on the Breithorn rock
B℮n: A unique pairing ritual in which head and neck are held upright
B℮n: An unique mating dance of Northern Gannets at sunset
B℮n: Enjoying the last sun-rays of the day on Helgoland
B℮n: Sheeps searching for greener grass on the edge of the cliff
B℮n: Sonnenuntergang auf Helgoland
B℮n: At the end of day on Helgoland
B℮n: Helgoland is part of EU but excluded from VAT
B℮n: The 1959 rebuilt St. Nicolai Kirche on Oberland Helgoland
B℮n: Little boy lays unknowingly in a WWII crater