B℮n: One of the fifty murals on the façade that refers to the province
B℮n: Plaza de España is a landmark in Seville
B℮n: Plaza de España is beautiful crescent-shaped square in Sevilla
B℮n: Horses & Carriages at Plaza de España
B℮n: Kanitha at the magical plaza in Spain
B℮n: Plaza de Espana in Seville: where Star Wars was filmed
B℮n: Olvera with wonderful views on Grazalema mountains
B℮n: Lose yourself in its Moorish, winding streets of Olvera
B℮n: As you reach Olvera, it is majestic to see the town from a distance
B℮n: The railway and the hiking trail through the El Chorro gorge
B℮n: The "King's Path" is a very spectacular walking trail
B℮n: A Rocky trail along gigantic cliffs
B℮n: Kanitha hiking on the Caminito del Rey
B℮n: El Caminito del Rey path is placed in the middle of El Chorro Gorge
B℮n: Kanitha with mandatory helmet on
B℮n: Crossing El Chorro gorge
B℮n: Before 2015... Europe's most dangerous hiking trail
B℮n: The Caminito del Rey trail is spectacular
B℮n: The impressive El Chorro gorge
B℮n: Kantiha stands-tall above the El Chorro gorge
B℮n: Walking on the edge at King's path
B℮n: El Chorro Gorge Rail Bridge and Caminito del Rey trail
B℮n: Walking on the edge on the historical Caminito del Rey trail
B℮n: The prehistoric Necrópolis de las Aguilillas recently discovered
B℮n: Kanitha following the historical trial to El Chorro gorge
B℮n: A flashlight from your mobile is needed passing through Largo tunnel
B℮n: Caminito del Rey trail
B℮n: Peñarrubia reservoir in the dry zones of Andalucia
B℮n: On the road in the dry area of Andalusia
B℮n: Rays of light coming through rainy clouds above the Lijar Mountains