B℮n: Seafront promenade: Balcón de Europa in Nerja, Spain
B℮n: Strolling down to the beach in the white-washed village Nerja
B℮n: Kanitha on the Balcón de Europa
B℮n: A cave house at the Calahonda beach, Spain
B℮n: The beach which graces any Nerja themed postcard
B℮n: The seafront Balcony of Europe in Nerja
B℮n: A look through the Metropol Pararsol of Seville
B℮n: Kanitha on the rooftop of Las Setas
B℮n: El Balcón de las Setas
B℮n: Rooftop walk on the Metropol Parasol
B℮n: Beautiful view from Metropol Parasol of Seville
B℮n: Church of the Annunciation seen from Las Setas
B℮n: The start of a romantic coffee break
B℮n: Walking under the world's largest wooden structure
B℮n: The undulating honeycombed roof of Las Setas
B℮n: Kanitha walking under the city icon of Seville
B℮n: Las Setas De Sevilla
B℮n: Sitting under the Metropol Parasol
B℮n: The Metropol Parasol of Sevilla
B℮n: A peek in a traditional tapas bar in Sevilla
B℮n: View of a traditional Café Bar-restaurant in Sevilla
B℮n: Tapeo is central to much social life in Sevilla
B℮n: In Seville you have your best meal standing in a packed bar
B℮n: Seville tiles of watchtower Torro de Oro
B℮n: "Casa de la Memoria" is a distinctive venue for flamenco
B℮n: Patio de los Naranjos in Seville
B℮n: Pierre Dancart worked for forty-four years on the reliefs
B℮n: Pierre Dancart's masterpiece in the Cathedral of Seville
B℮n: Mary with the infant Jesus at the Cathedral of Seville
B℮n: Altar de la Virgen de la Antigua in Seville Cathedral