Rckr88: The Lonely Road
Rckr88: Dark Skies over the Letaba River
Rckr88: River Sunsets
Rckr88: The Letaba River
Rckr88: Taking a break along the Letaba River
Rckr88: Sun Rising over Kruger
Rckr88: Down the Dry Riverbed
Rckr88: Hippos nearby
Rckr88: Lilac Breasted Roller
Rckr88: Hyaenas on the Road
Rckr88: Walking along the Letaba River
Rckr88: Leopard
Rckr88: Elephants by the River
Rckr88: Campsite along the Riverbank
Rckr88: Hippos during Sunset
Rckr88: Hippo Yawn
Rckr88: Elephants at the Reservoir
Rckr88: Evening by the Riverside
Rckr88: Clear Waters
Rckr88: The Letaba River
Rckr88: Reflections
Rckr88: Rocks along the dry Riverbed
Rckr88: Down the Riverbed
Rckr88: Sunset by the River
Rckr88: Brown Hooded Kingfisher
Rckr88: Caution! Croc Ahead
Rckr88: Ground Hornbill
Rckr88: Disappearing sun
Rckr88: Leopard in the tree
Rckr88: Lone Giraffe