ivanoelbarreto: Is this about my eyes? Can’t escape...
ivanoelbarreto: On a sunny afternoon. Arles.
ivanoelbarreto: When even my sink thinks I am still not awake...
ivanoelbarreto: White wine, heels and pantyhose… A french lady.
ivanoelbarreto: 1985, first love, first shot. 35 mm film.
ivanoelbarreto: My son walking his dog Karl. Plage des Alcyons, Aquitaine.
ivanoelbarreto: Nothing to add...
ivanoelbarreto: Woman with a straw hat. And beautiful lips.
ivanoelbarreto: Huge room and light. Monastère des Hiéronymites, Lisbonne.
ivanoelbarreto: Reading... Athens on a very hot afternoon.
ivanoelbarreto: Don’t forget to drink water... when you’re dealing with sadness...
ivanoelbarreto: The wave. Côte d’émeraude, Beautiful and scary nature. From blue to green.
ivanoelbarreto: Couple arguing. But yet, they choose a beautiful spot to do it. Riomaggiore, Italy.
ivanoelbarreto: Smiling. Dressed with a necklace. Portrait mood.
ivanoelbarreto: Time to go back home… Biarritz on a rainy day
ivanoelbarreto: Fifty shades of grey... The surfers, Ault, baie de Somme.
ivanoelbarreto: Eyes like ocean... portrait mood.
ivanoelbarreto: Calamity Jane. The plaid shirt. Are you staring at me?
ivanoelbarreto: Everybody's looking in the wrong direction. Weird alignments
ivanoelbarreto: Seek and hide. Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves. Porto.
ivanoelbarreto: Les passages, Paris. Secret places in the city.
ivanoelbarreto: Blur… waking up.
ivanoelbarreto: Vanishing. Eiffel tower in the fog. Paris by night.
ivanoelbarreto: Eiffel Tower on a full moon night. From Paris with love.
ivanoelbarreto: Sparkling.
ivanoelbarreto: Playing with light. Paris, petite ceinture.
ivanoelbarreto: The lonely walker. One night in Paris, BnF.
ivanoelbarreto: Paris, 6AM. First train in the morning.
ivanoelbarreto: Thinking…
ivanoelbarreto: Waiting for a day-job to eat… Madagascar.