Bert#: Ducks in a row
v o y a g e u r: A beautiful showcase
cnmark: Volkach - Green and Yellow
roba66: MYANMAR ,Burma - Naypyidaw /Hauptstadt, rund um die Friedenspagode-Uppatasanti-Pagode, eine Landeshauptstadt ohne Touristen , Mädchen am Elefantengehege, 78157/13335
Vittorio Ricci (thanks for 5.8 millions views): Italy, aspen trees in early Spring
Slávka K: Mountains in the spring
sebiophoto: _NIK4041
javyer01: Ermita nevada
Slávka K: Cyklamen
mich53 - thank you for your comments and 7M view: noir & blanc DxOFP ILD100 LM+35 1005275
Laudom: bloody skies
gick.andreas: Eiszeit auf der Wasserkuppe
cnmark: Utsunomiya - Roadside Sunset
ix 2021: "Oímos retrospectivamente cuando hemos comprendido" / "We hear retrospectively when we have understood".
Walter Horstmann-Cholibois: Bayern - Chiemsee - Fraueninsel
ansgar11: Winter living
Darren-: Last Light
collage42 -Pia-Vittoria: White Calla Lilies
majka44: Reflections in drops water
incognito7nyc: World Trade Center at Blue Hour The Oculus & Freedom Tower One 1 WTC Lower Manhattan New York City NY P00780 DSC_0082
PepBear: Sunset on the beach in Naples
*мinυtiαe: ireทic
alcides OTA: Bella
Alice 2019: Sunny Day
✵ΨᗩSᗰIᘉᗴ✵132 MILLIONS V: Carved Artpieces - 9335
Vittorio Ricci (thanks for 5.8 millions views): Namibia, dry mud and golden grass