rozoneill: The Boulder Trail disappears into the forest
rozoneill: They are uniquely colored
rozoneill: A grove of madrones lean over the trail
rozoneill: So many choices!
rozoneill: My options are to go right or to go right
rozoneill: The trail was littered with fallen oak leaves
rozoneill: No other tree like madrone
rozoneill: Moss and tree trunks were a thing close to the creek
rozoneill: I'd follow the Boulder Trail for a mile or so
rozoneill: Finally got myself back on the right trail
rozoneill: A pair of knots on a madrone
rozoneill: Apparently madrone trees suckle their young
rozoneill: Yet another smooth madrone trunk photo
rozoneill: Forest canopy on a beautiful day
rozoneill: Most trees ascribe to grow straight and tall
rozoneill: A bright spot of lichen on a tree trunk
rozoneill: A view to distant Grizzly Peak
rozoneill: Some of that surrounding terrain
rozoneill: Pathway through trees orange and gray
rozoneill: The distinct orange colored madrones were everywhere
rozoneill: The trail re-route got me confused for a bit
rozoneill: A mix of madrone, oak, cedar, and fir
rozoneill: Obviously the forest is quite young
rozoneill: That pipe has seen better days
rozoneill: Rusting mining equipment from the days of yore
rozoneill: A lot of the history here centers around mining
rozoneill: Zen moment with a madrone trunk
rozoneill: That smooth texture of a madrone trunk
rozoneill: Sunlight, filtering through a stand of madrone
rozoneill: Snapshot of the Ol' Miners' Trail