rozoneill: Puddle that is a near lake on the trail
rozoneill: Back on the wet trail we go
rozoneill: Bye Blacklock Point, we enjoyed seeing you for just a minute or two
rozoneill: It's official: it's no longer a sunny day!
rozoneill: Blacklock Point, as the fog rolled in
rozoneill: The expansive views were getting to be less expansive by the minute
rozoneill: The fog was blowing in
rozoneill: View across a turbulent bay to Cape Blanco
rozoneill: There's Blacklock Point!
rozoneill: Patty gets a turn in the spotlight
rozoneill: Yet another moment of reverence
rozoneill: The trail, ever encroached by the rampant undergrowth
rozoneill: Sunbeams on a misty afternoon
rozoneill: Mottled light shone upon the path
rozoneill: Life clings precariously to the edge
rozoneill: Amazing vista of the Oregon coast north of Blacklock Point
rozoneill: We bushwhacked to my favorite viewpoint
rozoneill: Forest spotlight
rozoneill: The sunbeams were simply entrancing
rozoneill: The small creek we just crossed
rozoneill: Crossing a creek on a slick bridge
rozoneill: Back to the sunbeams in the forest
rozoneill: Retreat
rozoneill: The surf here can be quite treacherous
rozoneill: Here it comes!
rozoneill: About to break
rozoneill: Surf on a chill afternoon
rozoneill: A wave begins the process of rolling into shore
rozoneill: A curler
rozoneill: The restless surf stretches all the way to Blacklock Point and beyond