rozoneill: Bye North Umpqua River, you've been a gracious host
rozoneill: It almost looks like the river runs in a collapsed lava tube
rozoneill: Trail on the edge
rozoneill: Autumn cometh!
rozoneill: The river flows through the forest
rozoneill: The river entices hot and sweaty hikers
rozoneill: Uphill through ankle high thimbleberry
rozoneill: Puddles on a shoal next to the river
rozoneill: Simply a beautiful river
rozoneill: Shadows creep across the river
rozoneill: River landscape
rozoneill: Just a beautiful day to be out on the North Umpqua Trail
rozoneill: I wonder how long that boulder's been there
rozoneill: The river continues its journey
rozoneill: The dividing line between shallow and deep water
rozoneill: I should just jump in
rozoneill: I'd say "Boulders big and small" but they are all big
rozoneill: Boulders in the river
rozoneill: A great beach, if I could get down there
rozoneill: Another nice swimming hole below
rozoneill: Peavine
rozoneill: The river races around some rocks
rozoneill: View to the peaks of Ragged Ridge
rozoneill: Riffle on the river
rozoneill: Aw, do I have to leave the shade?
rozoneill: The forest regenerates after the 2002 Apple Fire
rozoneill: Dog Mountain basks in the summer sun
rozoneill: Shade was appreciated more and more as the day warmed up
rozoneill: Where Horseshoe Bend ends
rozoneill: Horseshoe Bend is sort of visible through the trees