rozoneill: Mossy giant at the end of the hike
rozoneill: The trail and the forest
rozoneill: A maple tree begins to acquire autumn's golden glow
rozoneill: View to some of the Redfish Rocks
rozoneill: A kindred spirit on the trail
rozoneill: Green was definitely the color of the day
rozoneill: Napping on a bed of fern fronds
rozoneill: Old fungus on an old log
rozoneill: Pathway in the rampant greenery
rozoneill: Trail through the salal and ferns
rozoneill: Partial view at an opening in the forest
rozoneill: Scar from where several trees fell and slid down the hill
rozoneill: Salmonberry leaf overhead
rozoneill: Don't forget to duck!
rozoneill: The trail sideswipes a massive tree
rozoneill: Typical scenery on Humbug Mountain
rozoneill: A harbinger of the coming season
rozoneill: An old growth fir stands strikingly straight and tall
rozoneill: A place to sit and ponder
rozoneill: Moss drapes over an outstretched limb
rozoneill: The trail was a recurring theme of my photography on this hike
rozoneill: Down through the forest I go
rozoneill: At least I didn't have to hike uphill anymore
rozoneill: The trail disappears around a bend
rozoneill: One "small" obstacle in my way
rozoneill: Pathway through the fernage
rozoneill: Trees, trees, and more trees
rozoneill: This was such a beautiful trail
rozoneill: Trail through the fragrant myrtlewood trees
rozoneill: High winds made a mess of this piece of the forest