rozoneill: Another creek flows over the trail
rozoneill: The once and former forest melts into the ground
rozoneill: Green meadow under a blue sky
rozoneill: The trail skirted a meadow's edge
rozoneill: A small creek courses across the trail
rozoneill: You see these signs a lot when trails disappear in meadows
rozoneill: This meadow kept going and going and...
rozoneill: The trail disappeared briefly in the meadow
rozoneill: If you like meadows then this is your trail
rozoneill: Small violets lurked in the grass
rozoneill: Wild strawberry in bloom
rozoneill: Trail, as it enters a series of meadows
rozoneill: Skyline of old and new trees
rozoneill: The trail weaves through the young trees
rozoneill: A new forest sprouts in the bones of its ancestors
rozoneill: A young forest spings up in the burn zone
rozoneill: The meadows at Bingham Springs were huge
rozoneill: Let's go hiking!
rozoneill: Take me home, trail
rozoneill: Lichen festoons a rock
rozoneill: Trail, dropping down past the juniper trees
rozoneill: Down into the canyon we go
rozoneill: This waterfall is all dried up
rozoneill: Rock formations and rugged terrain below the trail
rozoneill: Now the trail begins the descent
rozoneill: Trail on top of the plateau
rozoneill: I explored the rim for a bit
rozoneill: Panorama of "it's a long way down"
rozoneill: By Chimney Rock, you've been a gracious host
rozoneill: The edge of Crooked River's gorge