rozoneill: One last view of Upper Table Rock before we leave
rozoneill: Scraggly oaks against the sky
rozoneill: All the other trees call him Wigglin' Willie
rozoneill: All life should be a sunny afternoon on a trail
rozoneill: Wet trail, near the finish
rozoneill: A few puddles lay across this section of trail
rozoneill: Some of the earlier rain hangs out on a madrone leaf
rozoneill: Knobby texture found on a tree trunk
rozoneill: Turkey tails play follow the leader
rozoneill: Witch's butter on a log toast
rozoneill: Witch's butter, enjoying some of that decaying biomass
rozoneill: Peek-a-boo, I see you
rozoneill: A place to sit and ponder
rozoneill: Lichen envelops a twig
rozoneill: The well maintained path continues to descend
rozoneill: The ever ubiquitous trail shot
rozoneill: Yellow lichen on a twig
rozoneill: A shadow spills across Upper Table Rock
rozoneill: Trail, in the late afternoon
rozoneill: Shadows play out upon Upper Table Rock
rozoneill: A dense stand of young madrone trees
rozoneill: A lone hiker comes up the path
rozoneill: It turned out to be a sunny day in Sam's Valley
rozoneill: Lichen and manzanita tapestry
rozoneill: Manzanita branches fan out
rozoneill: The rain-soaked path enters the forest
rozoneill: The wet trail takes off the table top
rozoneill: Just a gorgeous afternoon
rozoneill: A puddle full of clouds
rozoneill: Wisps