rozoneill: A maple leaf, lightly frosted
rozoneill: The weak sun took the edge off of the icy temps
rozoneill: The icy North Umpqua Trail
rozoneill: The last hurrah of the fall season
rozoneill: Elegantly simple
rozoneill: Yellow leaves of alder were still hanging around
rozoneill: Vestigial remains of autumn
rozoneill: The North Umpqua River reflects at the bottom of its icy canyon
rozoneill: Grandsons Issiah and Daweson emulate their grandfather
rozoneill: Tioga Bridge was rather frosty this morning
rozoneill: A fallen tree, coated with frost
rozoneill: The cold waters of Susan Creek flow through the forest
rozoneill: Even in the sun, blackberry leaves were coated with a light frost
rozoneill: These ripples on the river brought the hike full circle
rozoneill: The gray sky reflects in the river
rozoneill: Bridge over the North Umpqua River, near the end of the hike
rozoneill: A pair of larger mushrooms sprout in the forest duff
rozoneill: The North Umpqua Trail, trees, and greenery
rozoneill: Simply a beautiful forest to hike through
rozoneill: Oregon grape harvests fallen leaves
rozoneill: The path to paradise is paved with gold
rozoneill: The trail passed through many thickets of vine maple and dogwood
rozoneill: I can still hear my boots swishing through the leaves
rozoneill: Yin and yang on the river
rozoneill: A temporary break in the cloud cover
rozoneill: The Golden Path
rozoneill: Leaves all over the trail
rozoneill: Ah, there's nothing like hiking in autumn!
rozoneill: The North Umpqua Trail in autumn
rozoneill: Hikers on the leaf-littered trail