rozoneill: Ford's Pond reflected nicely on a quiet afternoon
rozoneill: Clouds were putting on a show today
rozoneill: Trailing wakes as they sped away from me
rozoneill: Out for a morning swim
rozoneill: So long cottage, we are leaving now
rozoneill: Decorative pavilion scene
rozoneill: A peek back to the park's pavilion
rozoneill: Closeup of a "flower"
rozoneill: My, what a colorful orchard you have, Shore Acres
rozoneill: Free cider and hot chocolate was handed out in the cottage
rozoneill: There weren't any carolers at the pavilion tonight
rozoneill: Still the orca lurks
rozoneill: Every "plaza" had a red tree in the center of it
rozoneill: Seasons Greetings from Shore Acres
rozoneill: A wall of colored shrubbery
rozoneill: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
rozoneill: Slowly, stealthily, I pressed the shutter button
rozoneill: On the approach to the caretaker's cottage.
rozoneill: Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home
rozoneill: Brightly decorated trees adorned the garden path
rozoneill: Crustaceans and other seafood types
rozoneill: A maple tree gets the red light treatment
rozoneill: A school of salmon slowly swim by
rozoneill: Leapin' froggies, Batman!
rozoneill: They say the pond is haunted by the ghostly spirits of koi past.
rozoneill: A rare lonely moment on the path
rozoneill: Garden walkway along the pond
rozoneill: Double the pleasure, when there's a reflecting pond nearby
rozoneill: The reflecting pond in all its reflective glory
rozoneill: Vibrant colors as we headed to the reflecting pond