vincenzo_russo3: A relaxing break
vincenzo_russo3: The bridge on the lake ( B&W )
vincenzo_russo3: The bridge on the lake ( color )
vincenzo_russo3: Night reflections on the lake
vincenzo_russo3: The Galaxy over the volcano
vincenzo_russo3: Green Energy
vincenzo_russo3: Sun caught between the branches....night posponed?
vincenzo_russo3: Eruption in B&W
vincenzo_russo3: Returning to Sicily
vincenzo_russo3: The Moon among the stars
vincenzo_russo3: San Martino Castle - Vittorio Veneto
vincenzo_russo3: Travelling on the A3 motorway
vincenzo_russo3: Sunrise lights on the lake Sirino
vincenzo_russo3: Close encounter between a King and a Queen
vincenzo_russo3: Fornace Penna
vincenzo_russo3: Sicilian Landscape 3: Twilight with Aeolian Islands and paddles of prickly pear
vincenzo_russo3: Inside the crater
vincenzo_russo3: Sunset ( Cape Milazzo - 2023 )
vincenzo_russo3: A brief apparition through the clouds
vincenzo_russo3: The fire and the snow
vincenzo_russo3: Etna: eruption of August 14, 2023
vincenzo_russo3: Strolling, one evening ...
vincenzo_russo3: A cradle to sleep the Moon
vincenzo_russo3: Moon and Jupiter over the sea
vincenzo_russo3: Crepuscular rays over the Fornace Penna ( Scicli )
vincenzo_russo3: The sunrise of the sentry
vincenzo_russo3: A meeting on the wall
vincenzo_russo3: Crepuscular rays over the Sea
vincenzo_russo3: He and She: like two young lovers