katy1279: 78/366 This way to the weekend
Tati@: On the bridge
Springer@WW: Python Bridge, Amsterdam Netherlands
Nykalaus Kerrutt Photography: North American River Otter11
stefyBuff: Luccichii.....
Aaron Yeoman: Mind Mischief!
James Waghorn: The Navigators
EricGail_AdventureInFineArtPhotography: 3_Mins_40secs of Fame(PleaseReadDescription)
Valentin le luron: L'eau glisse sur la pierre comme le sable de la vie entre nos doigts...
Cajaflez: Arboretum Belmonte Wageningen.
lintonthelion: Kingfisher
valsdarkroom.com: Urbex Manoir Aux Portraits 12/2014
bildpunk: Good morning
attila96: _8009321-
danielfoster437: Alarm Clock
Les AnnaChromes: Agitation
12story: Balance of light
.Randy.: Urban Perspective
vulture labs: Force of Nature
Peter Stahl Photography: Staring Contest
dirkjandb: impressed
lucy★photography: January 17th 2016
Ana~Rosenberg: Rosenberg-Ana_-1-342
noberson: untitled
Neal J.Wilson: Winter landscape
Phiddy1: Red tailed hawk
Kevin Benedict Photography: Waves on the Shores of Still Waters
sttweston: Graphic imm Red-Tailed w/fresh kill squirrel