Mrxh00: ♾️ Nothing happens in contradiction to nature, only in contradiction to what we know of it.....
Andreas Mezger - Photography: Tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte
JOHN K THORNE: The company was formed by Henry Walton Smith and his wife Anna in 1792 as a news vendor in London.
Photographer South Florida: Brickell Neighborhood, City of Miami, Miami-Dade County Florida, USA
Jordi Sureda: E u r o
Andrey Sulitskiy: Reddish sunset sky over Radisson, Glasgow
echumachenco: Pine tree on an evening in May
susacu: HSS…..glas bowl with tulip
(bbarsalo): Chouette rayée - Strix varia - Barred Owl
toniGVK: high altitude conversation.
piccolinaa: sweet Flickr..sweet friends.sweet day
(bbarsalo): La chute du Moulin Wakefield en hiver / Wakefield Falls in Winter
angelobrathot: coucher de soleil aprés la neige "explore"(5/2/23)
pellevelandia: En dagstur på is
Pictures, words, whatever...: Egg on a plate without the plate.
fotowayahead: Light in Winter
Yasu Torigoe: A fisherman on Angle Lake, SeaTac, WA. 045a
Yasu Torigoe: A fisherman on Angle Lake, SeaTac, WA. 047a
glgarciaruiz: Of The Garden
Gaetan Bois: Portugal - Porto
jbphotos55: Juste une photo !
- Ozymandias -: Phelan Building
Andrey Sulitskiy: Glasgow's River Clyde reflections. Rotunda & STV
pitkin9: Robin.
jhp1161: Largemouth bass fingerlings, penny for scale