Howie1967: Day 149: Dragonfly
Baz Richardson: Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire
Saxon Sky: Crick-Grand Union Canal
haberlea: Growing Together
pefkosmad: "Your place or mine?"
SaltydogJacko: L1010275 Passing rain showers
haslerbryan: Pied wagtail..
mendel9331: Fuchsia in our garden
Saxon Sky: Marton Moor
Patricia Wilden: Neighbourhood flowers... (Covid19 Lockdown)
John Pettigrew: Southtown Common Youth Centre
John Pettigrew: Ted's Town
ell brown: Holders Lane Woods - footbridge
John Pettigrew: Fun's Over
bardwellpeter: Remember when....?
zanypurr: The Esplanade at Seaton, Devon
Baz Richardson: Welford Marina, Welford, Leicestershire
Dangerousdavecarper: Hey Spidey, i can see you
Moldovia: Adrian with his bagpipes
Moldovia: Parts of the medieval wall in Great Yarmouth
Moldovia: Parts of the medieval wall in Great Yarmouth
Howie1967: Day 131: Gone fishin'
Fred Collins afloat and ashore: Southern Comfort. River Bure.
Howie1967: Day 137: Repurposed
Dangerousdavecarper: Bee Eater in Norfolk
Dangerousdavecarper: Hirundo rustica