HighDispersion: naturally grown mushrooms in a natural environment in the forest with an autumnal atmosphere and old wood, moss and leaves
HighDispersion: lights on
HighDispersion: frozen mushroom
HighDispersion: small setup
HighDispersion: a group of small mushrooms
HighDispersion: real image shot at todays walk through the forest
HighDispersion: the colors of autumn
HighDispersion: unexpected discovery
HighDispersion: autumn is back
HighDispersion: colorful image with closeup of a mushroom
HighDispersion: a group of mushrooms
HighDispersion: autumn is coming soon, view to river Isar
HighDispersion: golden colored lake Chiemsee
HighDispersion: golden colored lake Chiemsee with alps at the background
HighDispersion: close up of some herbs found in nature
HighDispersion: mushroom found during todays walk through the forest
HighDispersion: cute old vintage teddy bears sitting inside an old suitcase holding a violin with colorful background
HighDispersion: a set of transparent and shining glass bottles, close up image from the top
HighDispersion: dinner at munich during winter time
HighDispersion: mystic green bottles
HighDispersion: View from Dürrnbachhorn - Alps
HighDispersion: Panoramic summer view of the city of Salzburg with the Salzach river in the background, taken in the afternoon with warm colors from an elevated vantage point
HighDispersion: AI, artificial intelligence the new diamond of information technology
HighDispersion: AI technology demonstrated with laptop, text and magnifying glass
HighDispersion: sundown at Bresegard
HighDispersion: walking on water
HighDispersion: cool moment
HighDispersion: inside mirror
HighDispersion: Tradition - rusty
HighDispersion: IMG_3694_DxO