andywilson1963: Tawny Owl
andywilson1963: Pied and spotted flycatchers
andywilson1963: Red Squirrel
andywilson1963: Stonechats
andywilson1963: Grey wagtail
andywilson1963: Sparrowhawk
andywilson1963: Stonechat
andywilson1963: Redstart
andywilson1963: Siberian Jays
andywilson1963: Arctic tern
andywilson1963: Eider Duck
andywilson1963: Stonechat
andywilson1963: Ural Owl
andywilson1963: Pine Grosbeak
andywilson1963: Grey headed Woodpecker
andywilson1963: Pied Flycatcher
andywilson1963: Bee eaters
andywilson1963: Golden Eagle
andywilson1963: Stonechat chick
andywilson1963: Pied Flycatcher and Great tit