quelbosch: Delta de la Tordera. Catalonia.
morris 811: hey dave, watch me eat that squirrel over there
MoGoutz: Kissing
Bugtris: Goldiger Herbst
Robyn Waayers: Canada Goose aggression
bedeauannabelle: Couleur Locale
Devill Photography: Great Grey Owl
baltimore_bill: Bighorn Sheep Valley of Fire tate Park NV 11-2-21 P1040740
Thadd G: ‘Tis the Season
Themarrero: Alta Sierra
jt893x: Squirrel
newfoundlander61: American Crow
Ken Janes: Snowy Owl Parsons Beach 11-27-2021 (1 of 1).jpg
SKeysImages: Loon200629cIG
Buggers1962: Grey Wolf
Birdsforever.in: Rufous-throated partridge
vtpeacenik: The Morning Constitutional.....
jim sonia: American Wigeon
Themarrero: Grass Valley CA
baltimore_bill: Lewis's Woodpecker Phoenix AZ 11-22-21 P1040679
Thadd G: Let’s Take the Back Way
Buggers1962: Cheetah
vtpeacenik: "Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows." Walt Whitman
jt893x: Hooded Merganser
Robyn Waayers: Brown Pelican, adult in flight
Andrew Aldrich: CAEG _21A1493 copy
Birdsforever.in: Andaman Bulbul