long.fanger: November in the wild
long.fanger: on thistle
long.fanger: waxwing community
long.fanger: evening glow
long.fanger: for the birds
long.fanger: can't resist
long.fanger: up, up, up...
long.fanger: surrounded by bounty
long.fanger: Dievs svēti Latviju!
long.fanger: breakfast in November
long.fanger: ginko yellow
long.fanger: kingfisher with a catch
long.fanger: blue in the sun
long.fanger: across the way
long.fanger: November walk
long.fanger: here for a drink
long.fanger: could spot a bird here
long.fanger: finishing his luch
long.fanger: my fall blooming iris
long.fanger: the far bridge
long.fanger: not a squirrel
long.fanger: my fall bloomin camellia
long.fanger: obvious
long.fanger: stopped for Friday evening drink.
long.fanger: afternoon in November
long.fanger: one of the few last ones
long.fanger: aka butter butt
long.fanger: happy sparrow
long.fanger: front and center