verruckt42: High contrast b/w
Dan Haug: Is this what John Mellencamp was singing about?
Alan Bg: IMG_7701
Alan Bg: IMG_7718
Paul": glass insulator
Thad Zajdowicz: Delicate Flowers
grexsys: When the Clown Frowns
lardfr1: Central Park 5-19-24
mariopaper: „J.P. Morgan“ in Hongkong Guten Morgen und einen schönen Tag zusammen. LG
rimshot125: Repaired Flower Pedal
rimshot125: My attempt at I C M
rimshot125: Just One of Those Days...Dangers of Texting While Driving!
rimshot125: So Lucky _Video Link
p.neia: Olhar
p.neia: 🌇
p.neia: Natureza
p.neia: 💙💛
p.neia: 💙💛
p.neia: 💙💛
Glotzsee: Macro Mondays: Arrow: Arrowheads
spoualb: Kira (Explore) (Nikon D3300 DSC_9805)
FireDevilPhoto: Will vs the Canal
steve_whitmarsh: Pointing The Way
biom73: Pace 😌
Skyguy45: Spring Loaded--- in Explore
bearhawk2: _JOJ3459
bearhawk2: IMG_6196