betadecay2000: Flames And Black Smoke
betadecay2000: Passiflora "Sunburst"
betadecay2000: Brugmansia suaveolens
betadecay2000: Countryside September
betadecay2000: New Years Firework 2018
betadecay2000: New Years Fireworks
betadecay2000: New Year Firework 2018
betadecay2000: New Year Firework 2018
betadecay2000: IMG_2473a.jpg
betadecay2000: IMG_9723a.jpg
betadecay2000: The sun is going down
betadecay2000: European Honey Bee, Apis mellifera
betadecay2000: Aspargus flower
betadecay2000: Aconitum napellus
betadecay2000: Laelia purpurata var. Werkhauserii
betadecay2000: Ferns on the trunk of a palm tree
betadecay2000: IMG_0035a.jpg
betadecay2000: 132 KV Powerline
betadecay2000: 132 KV Powerlines
betadecay2000: Tree on the precipice
betadecay2000: Wharf One Building
betadecay2000: Christ Church Cathedral, Darwin
betadecay2000: Cathedral Termite Mount
betadecay2000: Mountains
betadecay2000: Cathedral Termite Mount