Andy von der Wurm: Golden Hour at Ostende-Beach
Traveller-Reini: Arizona - Grand Canyon: Bright Angel Trail - on the way down the first tunnel has to be passed
TS_1000: Sky-Line
TS_1000: Skyline
Colin Kavanagh: Hungry Squirrel
Anannya Kabir: Do I know you....???
Anannya Kabir: Oh no....... don't be scared.
Anannya Kabir: I am so lonely floating angel
Anannya Kabir: River, that goes to heaven. (Explored on 31 October 2021)
ramerk_de: Fragile islands (explored)
ramerk_de: Going round the Kobelberg
ramerk_de: A row of lime trees
JensLPZ: Always in a good mood in 2022 :) · · · (R5A_4520)
JensLPZ: very bad weather day: Löffler (Platalea leucorodia) - Eurasian spoonbill · · · (R5A_5856)
JensLPZ: almost tiny: Zwergohreule (Otus scops) - Eurasian scops owl · · · (R5A_4606 1) · · *explored*
JensLPZ: What a magnificent building: Panorama Landgericht Halle · · · (R5B_3914-3922)
chappietam: Green and proud
davenewby123: Butter-mere, Lake District
blauepics: Foggensee near Kniebis
giansacca: Macroglossum stellatarum
Shadows & Forms: Calidum colorum
IVa e vieni 1: Senza vita
Gaetan Bois: Canada - Québec - Les Laurentides
amdolu: frozen
Daniel.Peter: Magnificent Skogafoss
Wei, Willa: Shiprock
Don Oppedijk: 20220114-0914-19
Rococo57: Testing Grounds
peggyhr: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8! Good, you are all here, let's go!
Wayne Pinkston: Sand, Stone, and Water