Galeria La Violet: 420- Casa da fada (fairy houses) Sagrada Familia - Gaudi
howardnramona: The Dollar Book Shuffle
Viv.....: Our garden's crimson Kalanchoe bloom today
gusdiaz: It was sunsets
rivai56: Grand Héron, Great Blue Heron - Base de Plein-Air-de-Ste-Foy, PQ, Canada - 07951
Darek Drapala: evening on a lakeshore
roman_gutikov: copernicia | fashion campaign bali
_Veit_: Sentry
James Pillion: Looking Up
Alice 2019: Miniature Yue Man Square
Viv.....: Today's Cockatoos' dawn handiwork on our garden's first white Waratah - they broke the branch when using it to access the flower. Now we have to wait for another bud to mature!
Ioannis Ks: Heading to the mountains
Martine BERRY: Grèbe Huppé
Viv.....: Lovely winter cloud art in the sky at dusk, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - on Explore 14 September 2021
Kumaravel: Sunrise
Arx Zyanos: into the void
gayanikanchana08: 20210725_181550
gayanikanchana08: 20210509_173208
gayanikanchana08: 20210803_063647
gayanikanchana08: 20210705_172724
gayanikanchana08: 20210725_172457
gayanikanchana08: 20210526_193253
gayanikanchana08: 20210526_193308
Alexandre DAGAN: Le faiseur de nuages
perezgarcienrique: Early fishing
vasiitalida: IMG-20210911-WA0207-01