_Veit_: Play Date!
_Veit_: Shaking off the dirt
_Veit_: Putting out the landing gear
_Veit_: Yummy!
_Veit_: Swimming: American Coot
_Veit_: Sitting on a Mailbox
_Veit_: Cruising: Snowy Egret
_Veit_: Takeoff: Black Phoebe
_Veit_: Dog at the inlet
_Veit_: Perched: White-crowned Sparrow
_Veit_: Looking for food
_Veit_: Flock landing
_Veit_: Foraging
_Veit_: Northern Mockingbird
_Veit_: Flying in tandem
_Veit_: Landing in the evening sun
_Veit_: Sparrow perched
_Veit_: That was yummy!
_Veit_: Morning Cleanup
_Veit_: Group Picture!
_Veit_: Skimming the inlet
_Veit_: On a rock!
_Veit_: Takeoff: White-crowned sparrow
_Veit_: Portrait: Northern Mockingbird
_Veit_: Portrait: Deer Buck
_Veit_: Walking through the mud
_Veit_: Sparrow eyeing me
_Veit_: Gold FInch
_Veit_: Canoeing with a view
_Veit_: Two Geese Landing