BC_CS5: Gristmill & Granary
Un jour en France: Silhouette lugubre dans sa beauté cachée
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ascaps: P9070096
ascaps: DSCF4738
ascaps: DSCF7529
ascaps: PB280160
alexsadeghi: The Manager
JimBrownPictures: Beer Pumps
JimBrownPictures: Hear the drummer get wicked
JimBrownPictures: Picture in Picture
JimBrownPictures: Winter Lights Exhibition
JimBrownPictures: Swimming Frog
JimBrownPictures: Horse riders
JimBrownPictures: Ice Cream Rolls Royce
JimBrownPictures: Hound & Hare
JimBrownPictures: Long horn steer
JimBrownPictures: Charterhouse Street
JimBrownPictures: The Red People
kennethcanada1: Two Of My Heroes.
Tom Mortenson: Frosty Morning
PSK20: A wintry day...
herr flick A700: Brandenburg Gate Potsdam Germany
JackAZ Photo: One is the loneliest number
toscano libero: La signora d' alluminio