sophie_merlo: West Highland Chapel, Scotland
sophie_merlo: The Conversation
sophie_merlo: Experi-mental
sophie_merlo: I'll show you a sunset if you stay with me til dawn
sophie_merlo: Yo Soy Fidel - I am Fidel. Old Havana, Cuba
sophie_merlo: In Havana, even the dogs are happy to pose for you.
sophie_merlo: Lady in the Garden. Happy Bench Monday!
sophie_merlo: The conversation - Bath, Somerset
sophie_merlo: La Sorpresa (The Surprise). Havana Old Town, Cuba
sophie_merlo: Portrait of Natalia
sophie_merlo: Blossom
sophie_merlo: Portrait of an Asian Beauty
sophie_merlo: That Beautiful Redhead Thing
sophie_merlo: Cuban Nail salon, Havana Old Town, Cuba
sophie_merlo: The Goddess of Spring
sophie_merlo: Street portrait of a Boy in Old Havana, Cuba
sophie_merlo: Summer Days Drifting Away
sophie_merlo: Woman and her dogs in Old Havana, Cuba
sophie_merlo: The Girl with the Butterfly on her Shoulder
sophie_merlo: Tom Cat was after a scrap
sophie_merlo: That redhead flare
sophie_merlo: Glasgow Girls
sophie_merlo: Fans pitch invasion after BRISTOL ROVERS PROMOTION
sophie_merlo: Earls Court, London
sophie_merlo: Black and white renaissance woman
sophie_merlo: Beautiful Chinese Model shoot
sophie_merlo: The hips don't lie
sophie_merlo: Hot redhead fire performer
sophie_merlo: Another hot redhead fire performer
sophie_merlo: Little Black Dress