bulbocode909: Bivouac du Dolent 2667 mètres
Dis da fi we: dark blue tiger (Tirumala septentrionis) - Entopia Butterfly Farm - Teluk Bahang, Penang Island, Malaysia - Feb 2020
- ernesson -: I am waiting for the shadow’s permission to cross the bridge.
secondaonda: Caterpillar of Cuculia verbasci, moth.
RdeUppsala: Autumn, the beginning
petersely: Delicate
Willi`s - Photography: 3 HDR-Ein Künstlerisches Photo
Willi`s - Photography: 2 HDR-Ein Künstlerisches Photo.
Willi`s - Photography: 1 HDR-Ein Künstlerisches Photo
Andrea Moscato: Hjörleifshöfði Cave (Iceland)
John Hallam Images: Clock, with People on Walkways behind it, at end of Musee d'Orsay - Paris 1
John Hallam Images: Horse Scuplture on Roof of Building in Cour d'Honneur, Les Invalides - Paris 2
Richard Mouser: Kitty Eye Left, Kitty Eye Right
Richard Mouser: Lone Ranger
andrzejskałuba: Pieszyce - panorama.
Keith Fannon Thanks for + 30 Millions Views: 1J8A0958-Redigera-Redigera-Redigera
jjulio2311: hoopoe / abubilla
Jasrmcf: Sony a7 50mm 2.8 macro
spennydave: Early morning dew
spennydave: Season ending
miguelbejar: Desolación y tristeza
Guy Peeters: Ten Aard
Mandenno photography: Siberian tiger - Safaripark Beekse Bergen
-gregg-: feels like a fall morning 🌾