cami.carvalho: Carnival fantasy moment
cami.carvalho: Gecko lurking to see if the path is clear ...
cami.carvalho: Rose Stem on a rain day
cami.carvalho: Rose Bud after rain
cami.carvalho: Hidden Blackbird: " No one can see me, but I see everything that goes around" ..."
cami.carvalho: February White Moon
cami.carvalho: Green Raindrops on field herbs
cami.carvalho: February White Moon rising from behind the houses
cami.carvalho: Flowery Clover
cami.carvalho: The female warbler and the ivy seeds
cami.carvalho: Well behaved pigeon waiting for pieces of bread, as usual
cami.carvalho: Small mosses with raindrops, on the edge of a wall
cami.carvalho: Rusted clothesline in the rain with clothes "to dry"
cami.carvalho: Daisies carpeting the fields in January
cami.carvalho: Clovers on a rainy day
cami.carvalho: Raindrops on a Magnolia flower
cami.carvalho: Eurasian female Blackcap
cami.carvalho: European robin (Pisco-de-peito-ruivo) Despite the winter and the drizzle, the temperature is getting mild, so let's liven up the atmosphere with a beautiful concert...
cami.carvalho: Rain is falling on the streets...
cami.carvalho: Rain is falling in the city...
cami.carvalho: It is the last persimmon and it is mine... Sardinian warbler (Toutinegra-de-cabeça-preta)
cami.carvalho: Meadow pipit (Petinha-dos-prados)
cami.carvalho: On a windy day: Common chiffchaff (Felosa-comum)
cami.carvalho: When rain stops and the water droplets stay on moss ...
cami.carvalho: Fly: I'm hidden but I see you perfectly with my beautiful and angry green eyes ...
cami.carvalho: Narcissus
cami.carvalho: Overcast Moon Night