cami.carvalho: On a rose stem, the house multiplication miracle
cami.carvalho: Old world swallowtail
cami.carvalho: Moon with a halo around
cami.carvalho: Laziness...
cami.carvalho: Little Flying Bee
cami.carvalho: Stop taking pictures of me: My hair is wet and messed up after a few dips in the river.
cami.carvalho: Unlikely partners: The field sparrow and the exotic bird escaped from the cage
cami.carvalho: Water Hemlocks (Cicuta)
cami.carvalho: Spreading wings at the afternoon sun
cami.carvalho: Russian Blue Cat (Gato Russo Azul)
cami.carvalho: A nice dragonfly
cami.carvalho: Just a baby bird in my garden, European Greenfinch
cami.carvalho: Glorious Sunset
cami.carvalho: Agapone, the runaway bird: Fed up with living in a (huge) cage, he decided to run away and live freely in the woods close to home.
cami.carvalho: The resin drops that remain´s on the tree, after cutting some pine branches
cami.carvalho: Blue lily in the rain
cami.carvalho: Mika, the (orange) Cat
cami.carvalho: A nice Pigeon with unusual feathers
cami.carvalho: Horses running in the meadow at dusk
cami.carvalho: Small rain drops remain crystalline on tiny mosses
cami.carvalho: Common chiffchaff (Felosa-comum)
cami.carvalho: Common chiffchaff (Felosa-comum)
cami.carvalho: Long-tailed tit (Chapim-rabilongo)
cami.carvalho: Where's Wally? (Perfect camouflage of the golden bird, among the autumn leaves. Common chiffchaff (Felosa-comum)
cami.carvalho: Happy little bird ... Meadow pipit (Petinha-dos-prados)