cami.carvalho: It`s raining...
cami.carvalho: Raindrops on weed and wall
cami.carvalho: At night in our city
cami.carvalho: Height balance
cami.carvalho: Eurasian Siskin picking up fallen maple seeds on the sidewalk
cami.carvalho: Orange stray cat, very cold from cold nights, stalking me from a wall
cami.carvalho: Street Kitten, posing for a picture on a rainy day
cami.carvalho: Water droplets on an ancient wall full of moss
cami.carvalho: Tree trunk lined with moss and tiny mushrooms
cami.carvalho: Common chiffchaff
cami.carvalho: Sparrow
cami.carvalho: Aiming at the water mirror (is it another bird ...?) Willow warbler (Felosa-musical)
cami.carvalho: Late bath in a rainwater puddle ... Willow warbler (Felosa-musical)
cami.carvalho: "It rains, it rains nonstop ..."
cami.carvalho: Blue Tit (Chapim-azul)
cami.carvalho: Tiny Mushrooms in the Moss
cami.carvalho: Brown and ocher tones on tree and Sparrow
cami.carvalho: Stairway to heaven in water droplets
cami.carvalho: Raindrops on a Cedar
cami.carvalho: Chilly Bird
cami.carvalho: First Christmas Ornaments on moss...
cami.carvalho: Olive Water Drop
cami.carvalho: Carrion Crow (Gralha-preta) landing on the electric wires
cami.carvalho: "Crystal Balls" in Nature
cami.carvalho: Quick to the shelter before it gets crowded ... this rain really wets!
cami.carvalho: Colorful Fly
cami.carvalho: City Golden Autumn Tones