cami.carvalho: Lily after rain
cami.carvalho: Tiny spider web reflecting the wild berries
cami.carvalho: Weed in the rain holding a lot of water drops
cami.carvalho: The Lugre or Green Goldfinch enjoying the plane tree seeds
cami.carvalho: The Chapel and the rainwater drops
cami.carvalho: The very big, but not so beautiful,Cormorant
cami.carvalho: Walking at sunset
cami.carvalho: Tiny little bird with big and thoughtful eyes
cami.carvalho: Just a very big and fat orange catCat
cami.carvalho: Little rocky garden inside of a rainwater drop
cami.carvalho: A Church and a Child
cami.carvalho: Small spider web in the rain
cami.carvalho: Child in Nature
cami.carvalho: Child and Nature
cami.carvalho: Raindrops on dry grass with a spider web
cami.carvalho: Rain drops on spider web
cami.carvalho: Small resin pine drop containing the surroundings
cami.carvalho: Pine resin catching the poor bug. This is how the process of forming the beautiful jewels of Ambar begins...
cami.carvalho: A cat needs to take a lot of naps, don't you see...?
cami.carvalho: The Scream (Edvard Munch) played by a field flower
cami.carvalho: Water Mirror
cami.carvalho: A wildflower with a very expressive face...
cami.carvalho: The tiny and restless Common Firecrest (Estrelinha-de-cabeça-listada)
cami.carvalho: The little boy and his best friend
cami.carvalho: Rain embroidery on the spider's web
cami.carvalho: Saint Amaro Chapel
cami.carvalho: Suspicious Spider: "Can I continue my journey?"
cami.carvalho: Curious young Sparrow