cami.carvalho: Common chiffchaff (Felosa-comum)
cami.carvalho: Long-tailed tit (Chapim-rabilongo)
cami.carvalho: Where's Wally? (Perfect camouflage of the golden bird, among the autumn leaves. Common chiffchaff (Felosa-comum)
cami.carvalho: Happy little bird ... Meadow pipit (Petinha-dos-prados)
cami.carvalho: Blackbird feasting on red bush berries
cami.carvalho: Cute little Sparrow
cami.carvalho: Praying Mantis
cami.carvalho: Raindrops on rose bush stem
cami.carvalho: At dusk, in nature ...
cami.carvalho: Winter sky, mirrored in a rainwater drop
cami.carvalho: A small lake in the woods whith heather in bloom
cami.carvalho: The profile face of a cloud...
cami.carvalho: The cloud's face...?
cami.carvalho: Perfect Wren camouflage
cami.carvalho: Fig season almost over, but no problem, persimmon and strawberry trees already shine on gardens and forests
cami.carvalho: Little sparrow trying to hide from the rain inside the roof eaves
cami.carvalho: Small field flowers on a rainy day
cami.carvalho: "Don't get too close, I know how to fly and you can't ..."
cami.carvalho: Small blue winged butterfly
cami.carvalho: Red dragonfly at sunset
cami.carvalho: Ancient sculpture of Saint John
cami.carvalho: Urban bird, a little suspicious of my curiosity about him ... European pied flycatcher (Papa-moscas-preto)
cami.carvalho: Vineyard at sunset
cami.carvalho: European robin (Pisco-de-peito-ruivo)- just singing...
cami.carvalho: Tiny flowers in the rain
cami.carvalho: Balancing Bird...
cami.carvalho: Seen from my balcony: September evening with incredible clouds threatening thunderstorm
cami.carvalho: September Rain
cami.carvalho: A not too cold September rain...
cami.carvalho: Roof Sparrow