Insher: When inspiration does not come to me, I go halfway to meet it. Sigmund Freud
Insher: In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous
markbanks865: Araneus diadematus species
markbanks865: Me and My House In a Dew drop, [inverted]
markbanks865: Amanita Muscaria/Fly Agaric
markbanks865: Maze Web.
markbanks865: Robin Portrait
markbanks865: Dewy Spiderweb [ Enhanced background ]
markbanks865: Long Bodied Hoverfly
markbanks865: Half moon
breath3light: young chamois
breath3light: common blue butterflies
breath3light: common starling / étourneau sansonnet
breath3light: heron in a tree
Wilfried 2711: HDR_Rotwild
Wilfried 2711: Wi_IMG_4186
Wilfried 2711: L__5004_HDR
Wilfried 2711: Pe_IMG_4119_HDR
Wilfried 2711: Wi_IMG_4188_HDR
Wilfried 2711: Wi_IMG_4187_HDR
Wilfried 2711: IMG_2504-1
Wilfried 2711: St_IMG_4153
travelforfunandsoul: Palenque_Mexico_2819
travelforfunandsoul: Rielingshausen_Germany_6764
travelforfunandsoul: Lichtenstein Castle_Germany_6513
Paul McGoveran: Red-breasted Merganser 2965
oybay©: This is Jim Rockford...
iPhone Fotograaf: Snowy Stefanuskerk in Noorddijk
fenlandwildlifeclips: Single mute swan cygnet